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I answer, I help people realise their potential by creating the best suitable haircut for them which attracts attention and compliments.

Helping individuals understand that how they feel on the inside shows on the outside to the world around them.

I am confident that I can create the right haircut that will abolish any fears that come from negative past experiences that one may have in relation to their appearance.

By creating an outer ego of self confidence with a humble inner peace establishes a positive frame work from which to work from and obtain a greater sense of self worth in their personal and professional life.

This can all start from the perfect haircut that creates a pathway for the art of allowing beautiful things to happen.

Looking good on the outside can start the inner journey of confidence and a feeling of,


" Everything is always working out for me "

My Method 

I have been cutting hair DRY most of my career, This method is not common amongst my industry.

Your hair is assessed then washed and treated with organic non toxic products called NATULIQUE.

Sometimes if your hair is clean I cut first then shampoo and treat before we style and I give you home haircare tips so you can maintain your hair at home, I will recommend the best possible products to , this is paramount.

I believe that my profession puts me in a unique position

I am one of the very few who can transform individuals by my creative expertise in personal grooming as well as energetically to empower my clients in a way they never thought possible with my core products and services.


My ability to communicate and connect with care and clarity sets me apart and creates a feeling of trust.


I create beautiful individual wearable hairstyles which are enhanced by ethically produced products that attract compliments and make people feel like rock stars

"My approach comes from an artistic and holistic perspective."

The stylist can determine the natural movement of the hair through touch.


Perfectly textured hair should be the stylist's primary priority.


Exquisitely flowing hair is the mark of a masterful cut.

My Philosophy 

Hair is like water. It must flow perfectly in order to look like a natural extension of the individual.


Cutting hair with this philosophy in mind develops a more refined and organic appearance.


This is a look which is well balanced and flows from the very top of the head to the ends. This formation is what I call the "Natural S".

 Wind through your hair should feel good, not stressful.

 When your hair has been cut to flow, you will feel natural confidence no matter what elements your hair may come up against.

After you have been windswept and tousled, the only thing a natural dry cut needs is a light brush through with your fingers.You'll be amazed at how it falls back into shape.

Your hair should make you feel FREE and beautiful

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