If you have ever felt that hairdressers never really listen to your hair concerns then you're not alone.

Hair cutting is a fading art. Sure any hairdresser can cut your hair, but most do not have the experience to create a beautifully balanced wearable look that really only requirers a quick blow with the dryer and sits as it should.



This is where you can tell me everything you think you desire in a haircut and style.

Followed by the preparation for the haircut, this involves selecting and applying the correct shampoo and treatment to best suit your hair, followed by a pressure point head massage that will leave you so relaxed that it will put you in a good state of mind for your new look.

  • Smoothing process consultation

  • Hair extensions consultation

  • General consultation




Ladies Cut/Style $ 178  Book Now     


Ladies B/W Styling $ 78 Book Now


Mens Cut $ 108  Book Now










Short hair $ 178 to 208

Medium Length $ 228 to 288

Long/Below shoulder $ 308 to 398





Short $ 228 to 258                  


Med Length $ 288 to 358                     


Long below shoulder  $ 358 to 398 



Short $188 to 228                           


Medium Length $ 258  to 288          


Long $ 308 to 358


Regrowth tint only $ 148

Prices are subject to change and may vary from service to service, and it is the discretion of myself to do so.

All services are guaranteed, if for any reason you are not satisfied with what I have achieved for you within 48 hrs of leaving the salon please contact me and I will arrange with you to come back into the salon so I can look at it and rectify if need be.