Hi my name is Dominik


I am a hairstylist and an artist who knows that the perfect haircut can transform someone from the inside out.


I know that when someone walks out of the salon with the perfect cut and style, the compliments and attention that it draws can build confidence.


It is my way of empowering people to step into their best selves and let their light shine. 


Ive worked as a hairdresser for 30 years in several salons.

Although I reached a high level of skill, I knew that something was missing.


My life and philosophy about hairdressing changed when I met the world-renowned stylist, Joe Giampa. His FREE4M training opened up to a new world that allowed me to take hairdressing to the next level.


I see the hair as a blank canvas and the design as creating a sculpture.


This philosophy not only takes into consideration the person’s facial features, hair type, and head shape into account, it also considers the way the hair moves and flows.

This approach treats the hair as a dynamic part of the person’s energy.

Every person is unique, and it is my goal to bring out the personality and inner confidence of every client. 


I had the opportunity and honor of making the grade to work with Joe in his Internationally famous hair salon. This philosophy means getting to know each client as an individual.


The hair is an extension of their personality, and the style must work in harmony with the energy of the person as a whole. 


I am an artisan that works with hair as my medium, truly taking hairdressing to another level.


I am a true artist and goes the extra mile to in still confidence and allow you to achieve an inner transformation.


Make an appointment and see me and see what I can do for you. 

At this stage I am working on Saturdays and Tuesdays only, just go to book online tab and select a time that best suites you..


Hopefully meet soon.